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Monday, July 7, 2008

The First Steps...

Although this project has been very much alive in the mind and imagination of it's brain-parent, Seth, the rest of us are just starting to grasp the magnitude and timing of what we have undertaken. Each day brings exciting new developements, and challenges that must be overcome. The assembled team of 4 riders, a lovely and talented publicist, and a just plain talented webmaster/technologies guru are feverishly working on press packets, media contact lists, site design, logos, attracting sponsors, aligning with charities, and convincing friends and family that this is a good idea. "You plan to ride your bikes where!?"
With so much yet to do, the time between now and June 09, our scheduled departure, will undoubtedly fly by. Galzanized by our cause, protecting the Bristol Bay Salmon Fishery and raising awareness and support for watershed conservancy, The Pebble Pedalers will strive each day to continue preparations and strengthen the potential value of our endeavor.

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Faselhoff said...

This story and the vision quest this group is planning to embark on are vastly inspirational and leave a feeling of "what can i do to break the cycle." For many of us the cycle of our lives will never be broken. Yet when that time comes I know who to look now for guidance.

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