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Friday, August 29, 2008

It is 6am...

the office is dark and my eyes are adjusting to the intense illumination of my desktop. I warm my hands on my coffee mug and slowly sit back in my computer chair. I drag down my favorites menu on my desktop and quickly open two pages. I am energized with anticipation as the two websites load on the desktop. I smile as I realize that both blogs have been updated with the latest happenings of the road. The next half hour of my day will be filled with thoughts of adventure and my own wanderlust.

Ever since I finished my cross country bicycle adventure, I have been living vicariously through 5 touring cyclists. The Ribbon of Road riders and the Spinning Southward riders have collectively entertained me for almost six months.

Fast forward a year. I am sitting at a dinner table with Mike Logsdon from Spinning Southward…a celebrity in my own mind. Actually, I am completely freaking star struck by his presence. It is so weird to follow someone’s life and emotions without ever having spoken to that person. There is something so voyeuristic about the world of blogging. Anyway, I look down at my notebook filled with the questions I have prepared for our meeting… visas, routes, insurance, language, to name a few. At this point I’m buried in logistics and the team of riders is still in question.

Fast forward another 6 months. Our website is launched, our team assembled, our cause solidified, and our energy levels and enthusiasm are at an all time high. Having planned this trip for nearly 3 years, it is surreal to think that we are within striking distance of an Arctic Plunge.

The mass media is starting to take head of the developments and a few large corporations have taken a strong stance against the pending catastrophe. John McCain has transformed the race for the White House with the surprise choice of Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska to be the Republican vice-presidential candidate. Governor Palin, who has remained undecided in her position towards the Pebble Mine, is now a heartbeat away from presidency, and flirting with the power to make a difference in this battle.

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