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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pebble Mine Fun Facts

Just how big? If developed, the Pebble mine will be the largest mine in North America; with an approximate footprint of 28 miles and possibly much more. A large power plant will need to be constructed to provide power for the mine. A 100-mile road and slurry line must be built to get the ore to the seaport.

How much mine waste? Northern Dynasty says the proposed mine contains 7.5 billion tons of ore. Over 99% will become mine waste, which will remain on site forever. The company has proposed to impound the waste behind two mines — the largest in the world — in a seismically active area.

Water use? The company has applied to use 70 million gallons of water per day, nearly three times the amount of water used in the city of Anchorage, from key salmon spawning streams. Under that plan, fisheries biologists have estimated that more than 60 lineal miles of streams — plus the adjacent tributaries and wetlands — will be totally or partially dewatered.

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