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Monday, August 25, 2008

"Perhaps it was God…

who put these two great resources right next to each other…Just to see what people would do with them.”

The world is beginning to sit up and take notice of the fight between the diverse interests of Alaska’s Bristol Bay—from fisherman and environmentalists to miners and powerful foreign corporations. Today’s New York Times featured a full-length story about the issue, providing a well thought-out overview of the struggle’s nuances, and is accompanied by a beautifully done video and slideshow.

The latest battle over Bristol Bay is centered around an upcoming ballot proposal, Measure 4, which Alaskan citizens vote on tomorrow. Over $10 million has been spent by the two sides to strengthen their widely differing positions.

While the New York Times paints the language of Measure 4 as possibly redundant in its attempts to strengthen protection of the area’s rivers and streams, the proposition has become yet another galvanizing cry for both sides in the larger fight.

The Pebble Pedalers’ fundraising efforts will contribute to furthering the supporters of Measure 4 and we continue to watch the developments of the proposition closely.

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