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Monday, September 22, 2008

Fishing the Lower Sac

This past weekend I flew up to San Francisco to fish the Lower Sacramento river with my brother, Seth, and my father. After getting a little bit of a late start on Saturday morning we were on the water by about 9:00AM and the weather was epic, 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky with a slight breeze in our faces. We were fishing for rainbows but we were constantly distracted by the splashing and rolling salmon as they fought to hang on for the remaining days of their lives. The day was full of action as Seth and I traded off rowing and fishing until we were consumed by darkness and could no longer see our flies. To nobodies surprise the topic of conversation throughout the day was the upcoming adventure we are set to embark on next July. Being on the river, fishing, and feeling far removed from the daily grind of work, allowed us to visualize a fantasy that is less than a year away from becoming a reality. In a single 12-14 month adventure we will knock out a list of rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans that most anglers would dream to fish in a lifetime.
I am flooded with so many emotions about this journey that I have so publicly committed to. When my brother first told me of his plans to bike from Alaska to Argentina I was astonished by the magnitude of such a proposal. It was not for another 6-8 months that I even considered joining him on this inter-continental excursion. I don't think we could have chosen a more worthy cause and more than anything I am looking forward to joining the fight against the construction of Pebble Mine. I am enthralled by the fact that we are fighting for a cause that affects the present. The awareness we spread and the money we raise will contribute to a fight that will either be won or lost in the near future. So for the next 282 days I will dream of the day we leave Purdhoe Bay, Alaska for the southern most city in the world. I hope everyone who visits our site and reads our blog will educate themselves (Watch Red Gold!) on the proposed tragedy of putting a mine at the headwaters of Bristol Bay.

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