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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

GU Energy and Solio Join the Pedalers

The Pebble Pedalers would like to welcome two more partners to the team! Solio has stepped forward and provided each one of the three riders with Magnesium Edition Solar Powered Chargers in order to keep their electronics juiced up. If you haven’t seen these things, jump on Solio’s website. They are awesome. Solio has been leading the charge in hand held solar chargers and the Magnesium Edition is the world's most advanced hybrid charger. This charger has been created to meet the demands of the serious adventurer and it combines the most efficient solar panels with the highest capacity battery to collect and store power.

GU will be providing the Pebble Pedalers with energy gels and GU20 Sports Drink for their 17,000 mile journey. GU’s mission rings true with our dream, to ride longer than we ever have before. All three riders have been long time users of GU products and couldn’t be happier to welcome them to the team. It’s awesome to see the team take shape and the Pedalers are all excited for what the next four months will bring.

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