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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome the Newest Member...the Big Dummy

After thousands pf hours of research and thinking, the three of us have settled on a truly unique and versatile bike design. Welcome the newest member to the team…the Big Dummy.

A huge thanks to Nateon from for planting the idea for an Xtracycle compatible bike in my head. The bike is not only extremely useful in its design but super fun to ride as well. After building it up with Charlie and Sean at Roaring Mouse Cycles in San Francisco, I immediately hit the streets. I was so stoked on the bike that I ended up cruising Marin until about 1am. Since then, I’ve been loading the Dummy up with gear and riding it on my twenty mile commute to work. So far, I couldn’t be happier with our choice. I’m now envisioning our custom made fly rod racks that will sit on top of the rear rack (Snap Deck).

The bike is no speed demon, actually it is a far cry from my current quill of sub 17 lb bikes but with a carrying capacity of nearly 400lbs and its proven touring abilities (see it became an obvious choice. The bike is a BEAST…in the best sense of the word and we plan to put it through the ringer.

Big thanks to:
Jeff at Ergon for the awesome grips.
Chris/Charlie/Sean at Roaring Mouse Cycles for the bikes and your mad mechanic skills.
Xtracycle for answering my 2000 questions.
Nateon for the idea.

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