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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


After years of dreaming we've successfully arrived with our bikes in King Salmon, Alaska! Today went as smoothly as we could have hoped considering we were all working of of about two hours of sleep.

Two of California's finest hoodloms, Marco and Jeff have joined the ranks for two weeks of rafting and fishing in Katmai National Park. Tomorrow we fly out from King Salmon for two days of fishing at Brooks. From there we rendezvous with our rafting supplies and puddle jump out to Hammersly Lake where we will begin our trip down American Creek. All reports state that we should expect low water and lots of rocks. Having been off the oars for a couple of years this should be a great refresher course.

Oh and I forgot to mention that we somehow lost Marco in Anchorage, Alaska. He is doing his best to sneak onto a flight out here tonight but it is likely that he will not get here until tomorrow morning. Regardless, energy levels are extremely high and we all can't wait to wet a line tomorrow.

Sleeping up here is going to take some getting used to as it does not get dark.


Cob said...

I'm so fired up for you guys! Good luck out there and avoid them bears! Schmash away!

Barbara said...

Hooray! It's June of 09 so it must be A..L..A..S..K..A! I am so happy for you guys. Good luck finding Marco and Matt - be careful with that BIG gun.

anchorbound said...

hey boys! hope the American is fishing lights out! it was great fishing with you guys. hope to see you when you run through Anchorage.

F*** Pebble!

Steve (the fry guy) Taylor

Stephen Mull said...

I can't believe you guys survived that trip. Can't effin wait to here about it and follow the trip to come.

Intern said...

Marsha and Harvey.
Heard you had the time of your life and that every cast was a fish. Harvey wants to know how the eskimo girls are. Is he missing anything? Be Safe.

Cob said...

Guys the pics look amazing!! I'll be thinking of you as you ride to civilization!

We don't need a mine, it's already a treasure - Stop the Pebble Mine!

keli said...

Hello my gorgeous nephews. My prayers continue that you have a marvelous and safe journey. I am so proud of you guys. All of us here in Cali wish you fun fun fun. I love you guys big big much. Aaron wants details of your journey, so I will keeping him updated. Peace be with you. Love you,
Auntie Ann
and Family

talllankybastard said...

Yo dudes! Just sifted through your fishing and bear pics. You guys are doing it man! I can only imagine how it feels riding with the wind in your face and the sound of the gears to keep you company.

Keep it real out there.


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