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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pebble Pedalers Featured on Dillingham Public Radio

On August 23rd, KDLG the Public Radio Station in Dillingham, Alaska aired an interview with the Pedalers. Dillingham, is a fishing town on the shores of Bristol Bay which will be directly impacted by the construction of the mine. Take a listen.....

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Simon Johnson said...

Brilliant effort guys. I am a director of a catchment conservation charity over here in the United Kingdom. I have just completed a 220 mile mountain bike ride to raise funds for our charity.

A 17,000 trip just blows my mind. Keep turning the cranks, you will get there! I will be donating to this very, very important issue.

Good luck and may you be blessed with tail winds!

Simon Johnson
Director - Eden Rivers Trust

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