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Friday, October 9, 2009

Brief Update from San Francisco, CA

We have arrived in San Francisco and are enjoying a few days off the bikes to spend time with friends, family and to let the legs recuperate.

Parker took off this morning for a three day vacation in PuertoVallarta, Mexico where he will be attending a friends wedding. I will take off down the coast solo this afternoon and will reunite with Parker in Los Angeles on October 22nd. This is the first time we have been apart for 4 months. Just in case you were wondering we are still getting along great.

When Parker returns from San Diego he will reunite with Jeff Urton in San Francisco...You may remember Jeff as the guy who lit himself on fire during our fishing trip to Katmai National Park in Alaska. If you haven't heard the story, the blog entry from Alaska is a must read. Jeff and Parker will ride down the coast together and the three of us will rendezvous in Los Angeles.
I will be providing a detailed account of our trip from Portland to San Francisco which will highlight the numerous characters we encountered.

We were featured on the CBS Channel 5 news last night. Here is a link to the clip...

In addition feel free to check out our new photo set found here....

I'd like to give a huge, huge thanks to Chris at Roaring Mouse Cycles on Irving Street in San Francisco. Chris has taken unbelievable care of us and our bikes. Both of us our in debt to him for his generosity and support. Roaring Mouse Cycles is also the top rated bicycle shop on Yelp. No Big Deal!

While we were in Tok, Alaska Chris talked me through a hub repair while I was standing on the side of the Alcan Highway. Needless to say, I was able to ride the bike for another 400 miles to a proper bicylce shop.


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We need more. Feed the animals. Hope ya'll are doing well.

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