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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brief Update from San Cristobal de Las Casas, Mexico

We arrived in the high mountain town of San Cristobal de Las Casas yesterday afternoon. The near freezing nights are a huge change from the sweaty, sticky tent camping we were doing just a few nights ago.

A guest rider has joined our ranks and has provided us with non stop entertainment since his arrival in Tuxtla Gutierrez. Little did he know that his first day would include a 30 mile 6500ft ascent into San Cristobal. More to come about our guest rider in our full blog update that Parker is diligently working on. From here we have about a day and a half of mountainous riding to the Guatemalan border town of La Mesilla. The three of us are very excited about the next chapter of our journey (i.e. Central America).

On a side note.....

It's come to my attention many a time thanks to my friends astute observations that I have a knack for spacing out. In a party, at work, or in a concert I can easily loose myself in thought. The tell tale signs include a blank stare and glassy eyes. You can only imagine while riding my bike for hundreds of hours I am able to enter new depths of “spacing out.” These episodes sometimes lend themselves to ridiculous unconscious actions. On the road Parker and I make it a habit to point out obstacles to each other. Whether it be a heap of dirty baby diapers, broken glass or a decapitated armadillo we make an effort to point it out to the person riding behind so they can maneuver their bike to avoid the mess. On 6 occasions now, after Parker pointed out a road hazard, I've pointed it out this same obstacle to the “ghost rider” riding my draft. This is the same rider I've turned around to verbally warn about large areas of broken glass.

2 days ago I set a new personal “space out” record. Let me start by saying that on any given day we wave to one hundred to two hundred mexicans who are either standing next to the road, throwing fistpumps out their window or yelling indecipherable phrases to us from the inside of their houses. So two days ago while I was in the middle of some serious thought regarding the number of red trucks I'd seen that day, I momentarily snapped back into reality, when I noticed a cow standing close to the edge of the road. You're probably thinking that I made a mental note of the large animal and entered back into my dream world. Nope. I sat up and waved to the cow and I swear to god that for a millisecond I was expecting it to wave back. To top this my initial embarrassment was because I thought the cow was going to judge me for expecting him to wave. When I realized what I had just done, I looked around to make sure no one was watching and tucked back into Parker's draft.


Stephen Mull said...

Bro, you can't just go eating random plants on the side of the road.

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