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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Brief Update from Pasto, Colombia

The last week of biking found us on off road adventure through the Colombian Highlands where we crisscrossed the Cordillera Central on rocky mountain roads.  Many cyclists choose not to ride this stretch of road and instead take a bus, notorious as a road in very poor condition, extremely remote with very few places to stay or get food.

The two trips over the Cordillera proved to be the absolute best cycling of our trip. The challenge, the remoteness, and the scenery combined to provide us with some epic days on the bike.

You can just make out Parker in the upper left hand corner....

We enjoyed  a few beverages last night to celebrate our last day in Colombia with some new Colombian friends that we met on the trip over from Mocoa. We will be posting a full blog and photo update from Quito, Ecuador.


Anonymous said...

um wow! yeah, that's epic. that road looks unbelievable.


labicicletalatina said...

I'm a french girl, cycling in ecuador alone for the moment. I'm in Cuenca and I will cross the border with Peru in one week. I would like to go from the east side : Zumba.
Where are you? if you are around, could you tell me if it is possible to ride a little bit together?

Seth Berling said...


We have actually been held up in Quito dealing with getting my brother a new passport. We should be back on the road early this week which probably wont work with your schedule. If you decide to hang out in Cuenca we will definitely ride with you...otherwise hopefully we will see you down the road. Cheers...Seth

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