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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brief Update from El Chalten, Argentina

Happy New Years from the Pebble Pedalers!

We are back in Argentina now after an epic border crossing from Villa O'Higgins, the southern most town on the infamous Carretera Austral. The last traverse of the Andes from Chile into Argentina involved two ferry rides  and a horse trail in serious disrepair where we were forced to carry and drag our bikes through rivers, knee deep mud, and twenty percent plus grades. Along the way we discovered some unbelievable fishing and camping.

After a two week hiatus from hygiene, we are cleaned and fed and packing up our bikes to embark on the last 700 miles of our over 18,000 mile journey.

Yesterday we reunited with our buddy La Paz Kevin and we planned out our route to Ushuaia over dinner. We have also been keeping in close contact with Justin (Terremoto) Dodd who has figured out to run out of cash in Villa O'Higgins (closest ATM is over 150 miles away). He is currently in the complicated process of transferring money into a locals bank account so he can pay for the ferry rides and food to get him to El Chalten. We plan to rendezvous with Justin somewhere near Torres del Paine National Park.

We will be providing a full update and photos for this last leg as soon as we can track down some reliable, fast internet.

Special thanks to Skip and his family at Nic Fin Outfitters for sharing their spectacular lodge and opening our eyes to a fishery that I have dreamed about but never thought existed. More to come on that...

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McCandless said...


I can't believe I only just found your website and learned of your journey. I felt connected to it immediately as I also live in SF, love cycling and most of all, I love to fly fishing! I’ve had a strong case of wanderlust flu for the past few months and your story has made me incredibly jealous!

Congrats on your effort to raise awareness against the Pebble Mine! I’ve read through about half of the blog so far, the fishing pictures are incredible as are the stories!! Please accept my donation and spend it as you see fit… pass it through for the Pebble Mine effort, cold brews, bike parts or even for flies of course!

Finish Strong!

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